Executive Talent FindersIf you are a client seeking new talentbuilding an entirely new team, or seeking to harness the power of authentic talent already within your organization, you’ve come to the right place.  Executive Talent Finders is committed to empowering the authentic talent and strengths of candidates and matching those strengths to your unique needs as an organization.

We specialize in three practice areas:

1. Education (e-learning, publishing, digital learning, higher education and K-12, global training and development). We are engaged in searches ranging from high level Academic roles with non- profit, private universities to proprietary institutions, global e-learning organizations, vocational schools and training organizations.
2. Professional Services & Staffing in various industries (Accounting and finance specialties, IT, Healthcare and more)
3. Healthcare and Health sciences, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Life Sciences

Our Value Proposition is unique as well.  Executive Talent Finders has integrated the Kolbe concept® into our consulting and recruiting divisions to determine innate talents and stiving instincts of candidates.  In addition, we  utilize  state of the art screening tools including video interviewing  which is highly customized to your unique  needs as an organization. We  conduct extensive screening of skills, aptitudes, cultural fit and deliver only the most viable candidates to you, saving you valuable Time and Money.

At Executive Talent Finders, we don’t just endeavor to go the extra mile for you, we put it into our everyday practice.  We integrate traditional recruiting methodologies with the latest in technological advances to attract and recruit top tier talent for our clients.  Call us today to find out how we can assist you in attracting new talentenhance current productivity and teamwork or assist with outplacement services of outgoing employees.

Hiring Executive Talent Finders for your Executive SearchTeam Optimization, and Outplacement Services saves you time and money.

How much does it really cost to hire someone? The latest statistics show that it can cost more than 50% of a worker’s annual salary to hire and train a new employee. And what if that employee proves to be a poor choice?  The expense of recruiting, educating, integrating, terminating and then rehiring could easily exceed that annual figure, particularly when you add in the loss of productivity and morale.

You can save money, increase productivity, and avoid the often frustrating and time-consuming task of selecting and retaining employees with powerful human resources solutions from Executive Talent Finders.  We can help companies like yours assess candidates, build strong work teams and help make the most out of your most valuable corporate asset:  your workforce.

Using a time proven approach developed by Kolbe Corp, the world’s leading provider of instinct-based performance forecasting software, we can help you take the guesswork out of hiring.   With Kolbe Corp’s analytical tools and our expertise as Kolbe Certified Consultants, you will be able to compare what you desire in an employee to what a potential hire can provide.  You will also be able to discover the hidden talents of current staff, so you can work together more productively, predict the success rate of business units and configure high performing teams.