If you are a client seeking new talentbuilding an entirely new team, or seeking to harness the power of authentic talent already within your organization, you’ve come to the right place.  Executive Talent Finders is committed to empowering the authentic talent and strengths of candidates and matching those strengths to your unique needs as an organization.

Our Value Proposition is unique as well.  Executive Talent Finders, Inc.  has integrated the Kolbe Concept® into our consulting and recruiting divisions and utilize state of the art tools to determine innate talents and striving instincts of potential candidates.  In addition, we conduct extensive screening of skills, aptitudes, cultural fit and deliver only the most viable candidates to you.

We specialize in three practice areas:

1. Education (e-learning, publishing, digital learning, higher education and K-12, global training and development). We are engaged in searches ranging from high level Academic roles with non- profit, private universities to proprietary institutions, global e-learning organizations, vocational schools and training organizations.
2. Professional Services & Staffing in various industries (Accounting and finance specialties, IT, Healthcare and more)
3. Healthcare and Health sciences, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Life Sciences