Building a High-Performance Team

Keeping Your Employees Engaged is Paramount

Employee Engagement–Why do we need it?

The costs of a disengaged workforce can be staggering.   Many billions of dollars is lost every year in productivity from disengaged employees.  The truth of the matter is, if you don’t treat your employees right, someone else most certainly will!  Developing a compelling, comprehensive Employee Engagement Strategy is one of the best kept ways top companies worldwide continue to grow, expand and evolve.  As an Executive Recruiting & Search firm, we are witnesses to the many thousands of disgruntled employees who have left their organizations due to a stifling or negative corporate culture, a focus solely on profits and revenue, versus cultivating a thriving, teamwork  oriented environment where employees feel valued and appreciated and productivity soars. If your organization is growing, going through transformation or experiencing high employee turnover, contact us today to find out how you can implement simple but effective tools that can be the cornerstone of your Complete Talent Management Solutions framework.

Executive Talent Finders Engagement Services

Engaged Employees are more productive, customer centric and invested in the overall success of the organization. Create a work environment that encourages engagement. Our programs allow you to gain actionable insights through honest feedback and get teams aligned around a common vision and mission for the organization.

Why Choose Us

  • We can work within your budget to address your critical needs quickly

  • Powerful programs are able to be used consistently to onboard, engage and retain employees

  • Flexibility to train online, on-site or have your trainers certified directly with Wiley

  • Experts at Customer Experience Training and On Site Evaluations of Training staff

  • Creative engaging programs need not be costly. Call us today for a consultation!

How Can We Help?

Recruiting Key Talent

Discover and Find Top Talent for your Company

Find the Right Talent

Recruiting Key Talent at the Executive, Director, Manager and Key Individual contributor levels.  We integrate innovative Pre-hire web based technology tools into our recruitment process to ensure the right fit is achieved for every important position.
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Employee Engagement

Engage your Employees and Improve Productivity

Make Your Employees Stand Out

Discover insights with anonymous employee feedback to build a better workplace where everyone succeeds. Engage employees with training workshops that meet their needs and prepare them for the next level within the organization.
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Retain Key Employees

Increase employee engagement and retain your key employees.

Improve and Grow your Team

Retain Key Employees and increase employee engagement through fun and interactive Team Optimization Seminars , Sales Training programs, Wellness Programs and Leadership programs to enhance promotability and succession planning.
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Outplacement Services

Support Transitioning Employees

Protect your brand with Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services focusing on career coaching, resume preparation, social media presence & branding, interview coaching & training as well as employer introductions to help you land the job quickly.
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