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We are Executive Recruiters, first and foremost, used to working closely with internal HR teams and Senior Leaders. We have handpicked a suite of innovative technology- based tools to assist in refining our candidate selection pool and candidate recruitment targets. Our boutique nature allows us to quickly mobilize and customize to meet your hiring requirements and deadlines. We value our partnerships with our clients and have an exceptional track record of success. We choose to partner with just a handful of select clients so that we can deliver the best talent in your niche, reducing the number of off-limits call targets. Our specialty is conducting highly confidential Executive or Senior level talent searches where we combine our industry knowledge, finesse & expertise in attracting top talent while protecting the integrity of your brand and the talent search.

Candidate Attraction, Assessment & Selection

Developing a Recruitment Strategy to attract key talent is critical. Utilization of pre-hire candidate selection tools minimizes the downside risk of a bad hire and maximizes candidate fit for the role and your organization. Comprehensive interviews can be accompanied by one way video screenings to test a candidates knowledge, and reactions to pre-set scenarios that mimic day to day workplace situations and can contribute to a more thorough screening process.

Attracting the right talent for your organization is our specialty.  Executive Talent Finders specializes in highly confidential searches that are very sensitive in nature. We have a deep understanding of the industries we serve, and an ability to extract critical key determinants such as the defining characteristics, qualities and differentiators that your organization and the role will require. At the very heart of our practice is trust and competency. We know how to attract executives and highly competent, top tier candidates that are not “actively looking” for a new opportunity.  We believe in the power of matching authenticity with opportunity and making the proper introductions  if and only if all signs and indicators acre green, all the while holding a very low profile approach in the marketplace to protect the integrity of your brand and the search at hand.  We are trustworthy, competent, and successful in the most challenging of talent searches.

PXT Select™ is a robust suite of online hiring tools that measure cognitive abilities, personality preferences, behavioral style and interests. The PXT Select products provides employers with actionable objective data about candidates that simplifies and streamlines the process of making better, smarter hiring decisions. Just one PXT Select Order gives you access to 11 separate reports.

Our video platform will save your team an extraordinary amount of time in viewing previously screened candidates or using our live video platform to select only the top candidates for a face to face interview. Along with our team approach and investment in technology, we have the scale to successfully perform a number of your searches simultaneously with timely results.

Meet the PXT Select

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports

  • Customizable interview questions

  • Clear numerical scoring to simplify your hiring decisions

  • Objective, data-driven metrics

  • Simple, fast and cost-effective

  • Streamline your hiring process

  • Lower your hiring and training costs with the PXT Select product suite

Executive Talent Finders Search Process

Executive Talent Finders, Inc. has integrated unique pre-hire selection tools into our talent acquisition framework utilizing the PXT Select™ tools to enhance our Executive Search process and minimize your risk of a bad hire. We are experts at recruiting top talent, have deep experience in the industries we serve, and are passionate about connecting the right candidates who are an authentic match for our client employers. Contact us to hear more about our Comprehensive  3 Phase, 12 step Search Process as well as our  candidate assessment and evaluation tools that you can utilize in-house for a better candidate fit.

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Recruiting Key Talent

Discover and Find Top Talent for your Company

Find the Right Talent

Recruiting Key Talent at the Executive, Director, Manager and Key Individual contributor levels.  We integrate innovative Pre-hire web based technology tools into our recruitment process to ensure the right fit is achieved for every important position.
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Employee Engagement

Engage your Employees and Improve Productivity

Make Your Employees Stand Out

Discover insights with anonymous employee feedback to build a better workplace where everyone succeeds. Engage employees with training workshops that meet their needs and prepare them for the next level within the organization.
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Retain Key Employees

Increase employee engagement and retain your key employees.

Improve and Grow your Team

Retain Key Employees and increase employee engagement through fun and interactive Team Optimization Seminars , Sales Training programs, Wellness Programs and Leadership programs to enhance promotability and succession planning.
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Outplacement Services

Support Transitioning Employees

Protect your brand with Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services focusing on career coaching, resume preparation, social media presence & branding, interview coaching & training as well as employer introductions to help you land the job quickly.
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