Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Employee Retention starts from Day 1

Employee Retention

Although Pay and benefits are a critical component of a balanced and comprehensive employee retention strategy there are many more criteria that are increasingly important to maintain the wellbeing, health and ultimately stability of your workforce.  Employee Retention strategies can include work/life balance, providing metrics and proper feedback and communication to employees so they can measure their performance and know how they are doing. Career path. mentorship and leadership training is also vital to keep strong employees who want to advance and grow within the organization.   But there are also rewards like recognition, pride of being part of a winning organization, health club perks and many more.  More often than not, employees quit managers, not jobs, so making sure your leaders are approachable and not just allowing team members to provide feedback but inviting feedback that is well received and acted upon.

Employee Appreciation, Recognition,  Training & Development

Developing a Comprehensive Employee Retention Strategy to retain key talent is the most efficient way to support the needs of your most valuable resource, your workforce.  Employee Retention starts with a robust Onboarding Process.

A structured onboarding program is the best way to welcome your new hire by sharing the mission,  vision, corporate culture of your organization as well as in-depth information about the benefits and resources available to them as an employee.  This is also the time to set proper expectations and provide them with the information they will need to be successful in their role and with the organization.  Whether you are a small or large organization, you can benefit from a highly structured onboarding process to ensure the new hire has the tools, skills and resources that they need to get off to a quick start and continue to thrive.

The employee experience is the gateway to Employee Engagement.  Organizations that place employees at the forefront of their strategic mission give themselves a competitive edge not only with greater productivity and results, but they have achieved a harmony of  providing employees with an atmosphere that is uplifting & elevating versus deflating and disempowering.  Company culture, Leadership & Communication style of the C suite, physical workspace issues, tools & resources available for employees  are just a number of areas that impact Employee Experience.  Call us today to reinvigorate your Employee Experience and supercharge your organization!

Creating a structured employee development & training program is critical to engaging and retaining top talent.  It’s important for employees to know that there is opportunity for career development and growth, and that they can work towards increasing levels of responsibility and promotability within an organization.  One of the most cost effective ways to do this is through mentorship programs: one-on-one mentoring, peer-to-peer or group mentoring programs. Get started today with some simple, easy to implement solutions!

Improve Employee Retention

  • Comprehensive Salary & Benefits Program

  • Orientation, Onboarding & Mentorship

  • Performance & Goals review -regular feedback

  • Perks, wellness programs, workshops & fun

  • Work/life balance- flexible work schedules

  • Team building, Workplace Retreats, Workshops

  • Career path coaching, leadership & development training

  • Recognition, rewards, Team Celebrations

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Recruiting Key Talent at the Executive, Director, Manager and Key Individual contributor levels.  We integrate innovative Pre-hire web based technology tools into our recruitment process to ensure the right fit is achieved for every important position.
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Employee Engagement

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Discover insights with anonymous employee feedback to build a better workplace where everyone succeeds. Engage employees with training workshops that meet their needs and prepare them for the next level within the organization.
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Retain Key Employees

Increase employee engagement and retain your key employees.

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Retain Key Employees and increase employee engagement through fun and interactive Team Optimization Seminars , Sales Training programs, Wellness Programs and Leadership programs to enhance promotability and succession planning.
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