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Engagement Multiplier

Measure Employee Engagement simply, anonymously and easily with The Engagement Multiplier. This technology platform is a web-based tool for measuring employee engagement that allows your employees to give feedback about what they really think and feel about your business. Get unparalleled insights into your employee’s experience allowing you to harness the power of your existing team. The result is Improved & enhanced company culture, greater retention and profitability.

Learn what they really think with anonymous communication

Quick, mobile-friendly surveys collect feedback from everyone in your company. Employee responses aren’t associated with individuals, so feedback is always eye-opening and inspiring.

Free Engagement Score (SUFT Template)

Always know where you stand with in-depth reporting

Quarterly Engagement Report™ breaks down scores and lets you compare data by department, location, or any other way you want to segment.

Free Engagement Score (SUFT Template)

Measure progress every quarter and share company goals

Scheduled every 90 days, survey cycles measure progress with enough time to take action in between. Built-in sharing lets you communicate goals and action plans across your team.

Free Engagement Score (SUFT Template)

Get support at every step of your engagement journey

Our dedicated Engagement Specialists ensure you get the most out of every phase of the program. Insights and guides are available at any time and help you know where to focus.

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